Week 14 Winner



Score: 11

Percentage: 69%


"Merry Christmas!...******* was full!"


Score: 135

Percentage: 65%

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21 responses to “Leaders

  1. Churchy

    I don’t quite know what to say.

  2. Geneticist

    Clearly the frog gene is dominant and on the Y chromosome. The pig gene is X linked, hence all of Cratchet’s girls are pigs and the boys are frogs. I’m happy to draw the grid if anyone is still confused.

  3. Erin


    Did you go all the way to Texas just to take that awkwardly posed “I didn’t know you were taking this thoughtful picture of me”?

  4. Brian

    I left some pretty good follow ups to the Webmasters regarding the Game in London and there have been no follow ups….do you want me to give you a sign? shall i only wear one sandal? a shekel for my life story? come on guys, this is good stuff! i have a fwend you know….and why are you all tittering so?

  5. Nannie, Jr.

    Wait, I’m confused. Did anyone notice that the blog entries do not seem to relate to anything? They are a string of non-sequetors; apropos nothing.

  6. Last Place

    That is the last time I ever let Snooki make my picks for me.

  7. marie

    such a caring man. could he be the next dog whisperer?

  8. Maybe, if he doesn’t contract rabies from introducing himself to every raccoon he sees.

  9. Afraid of Oompaloompas

    If I had known Joe would be fraternizing with the scary oompaloompas I would never have taken his name.

  10. The New Brady

    If my magic touch caption was a Harry Potter reference due to my Hogwarts-like uniform…then well done, Pat. If not, then I still accept the compliment.

  11. Did you not see your nickname? I even made sure to spell it correctly.

  12. The New Brady

    Haha I don’t know how I missed that–nicely DONE Patrick!

  13. Nannie

    Dad is looking rather smug in his Cowboy hat.

  14. Nannie

    Not only were the nicknames ambiguous, they were downright misleading. Since when does someone who is not obviously pregnant get to use the ole “pumpkin under the shirt trick”

  15. Yes, that’s the danger with ambiguous nicknames. The commissioner interprets them in his own way, which can lead to errors for which he’s not responsible.

  16. Claire McManus

    I trust you will find an appropriate picture to mark this momentous turn of events.

  17. Erin

    Excellent work on the pictures. It’s too bad Uncle T doesn’t win more; there are so many great possibilities for his avatar.

  18. Mrs. Featherbottom

    “It IS me. It IS Tobias.”

  19. I’d just like to thank everyone making picks this year. I wouldn’t be where I am today, 1st place which means you are not in first place, if it wasn’t for you!


  20. marie's nervous about God

    Im curious to see who God loves more..pats or broncos? i feel like it might be a tie since we have nan on our team..we should get together and have a prayer group, maybe Tim and i can skype.

  21. BCParent

    Wow I vault into second place and no fanfare or witty remarks etc?

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