8 responses to “Results

  1. Humbled

    For the record…

    Marie was going to pick the Bills this week (over the Pats) but I talked her out of it. I told her that she could if she wanted to, but no one ever picks against the Patriots (except maybe Joe one time, but that’s Joe). For the sake of family peace, she clicked on the Patriots, but she told me to remember the gut feeling she had about the Bills. Should we be impressed? Or should we blame her for throwing off Tom Brady’s confidence and making him second guess their ability to hold on to a 21 point lead?

  2. Happy as Haynesworth

    Brady sensed someone was doubting him last week. I certainly hope Marie learned her lesson.

  3. Commissioner: I wish to lodge a formal complaint as the evidence clearly shows a complete lack of animation, interest and joviality on behalf of two participants who i guess are so busy with their “real” lives (whatever that is), they have no time to think of a good name to use for this week. I put forward a motion, after having been sanctioned last week, that they should each be docked points accordingly. Nothing career ending, but just something to let them know we take notice of such poor and boorish behavior.

  4. Erin

    Fine, I lodge an equivalent complaint against people who use sentences instead of names.

  5. “Why should I talk to you? I don’t know where you’re from.” Al Davis

    What a stand up guy he was…

  6. I like that Patrick ‘r Treat blazed his own punctuation trail by getting rid of the hyphens AND the letter “o” in the common trick-or-treat format.

  7. Erin

    In case anyone was wondering why Matt suddenly cares about such things, please note that in my smug grammatically superior rush, I forgot to change my name as the author of the post.

  8. Not my finest effort, I’ll admit. But notice the lack of ambiguity. Apparently most of you wouldn’t know lack of ambiguity if it zonked you on the head.

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